AMBARA - Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC
AMBARA - Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC

Your Source for Comprehensive A/R Benchmarking!


Simply supply company demographic info, and monthly A/R data. Once done, you will be able to compare A/R aging, costs, and charges, to other companies, based upon company type, size, geographic location, etc.  Members will have the latest data to evaluate themselves against similar companies, as well as regional and national (US & Canada, only) benchmarks.

Note that all data you submit is ANONYMOUS, and no company identifying info is collected or used.

This site/database has been developed for YOU. Your input is vital to the success of this service. We encourage you to submit any ideas you may have, regarding additional data metrics or analysis, etc.

Please Contact us to submit feedback, on any suggestions you may have. 

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