AMBARA - Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC
AMBARA - Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC

Your Source for Comprehensive A/R Benchmarking!

AMBARA Mission Statement

AMBARA has been established to assist Ambulance, EMS, and Medical Transport companies, in fulfilling their mission to cultivate financial stability, and accountability, through the capture and sharing of Accounts Receivable (A/R) data. AMBARA’s goal is to help establish A/R and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) benchmarks.

Why Establish Benchmarks?

Bert Markgraf, Demand Media, is a freelance writer with a strong science and engineering background who wrote an article for Small Business - entitled “How to Benchmark your Business”. Within his article, Bert’s provided the framework as to why benchmarks are crucial to becoming a successful business:

"Benchmarking means comparing the operation of your business to other, similar businesses and establishing a performance level that you try to reach. It starts with identifying business processes that are measurable and that exist in other businesses. A survey indicates which business performs the best with regard to this process, and this level of performance is typically chosen as the benchmark. You can then examine why your performance is not as good and take measures to improve it. Such benchmarking allows you to distinguish the business areas that are doing well from those that need improvement and focus on the latter."

Timely A/R benchmarks empower decision makers to make specific short range plans, based upon current reality rather than historic data, that will be the foundation for long term success. Currently, Ambulance and EMS have a number of resources by which to gather and compare medical and response data, on both the state and federal level. While they may be performing at the highest level of excellence in the field...

  • How well are they doing in charge capture, billing, and follow-up on their A/R?  
  • What is the standard "Days in A/R" for a specific demographic, for outstanding accounts greater than 120-days aging? 
  • What is the average “Cost to Collect” for every dollar you receive? 
  • How does the "Payer Mix" affect net cash for services rendered?  

The answers to these type of RCM questions, and more, can be found through the use of AMBARA's A/R database.

You are invited to join, and be a part of establishing “The Standard” for benchmarking Ambulance and EMS A/R and RCM, through AMBARA!